“Conversation” 60 x 66” oil on canvas currently on display through July 6, 2019

March 22 - July 9 2019 St. George Art Museum

"Water" new paintings curated by Todd Marshall Contemporary


 Water brings the magic. It obscures the view of submerged rocks and leaves, while reflecting the sky and surrounding trees. Leaves land on the  surface, with a little ripple this world will dance. My challenge is to  make paintings that represent the way these  pools make me feel and to create a visual panacea. 

The  turpentine stains run like watercolors, underneath layers of thick direct paint. It takes great restraint to be conservative with my marks,  to create an unfinished quality with enough detail to bring the image into focus. By presenting an intimate glimpse of the landscape on a large-scale canvas, I hope to give the viewer control of their own experience. From a distance the painting looks like a spring, walk closer and it deconstructs, exposing my oil painting process. I want the viewer to visually bathe in these painted waters. 

"A lake carries you into recesses of feeling otherwise impenetrable."       -Wordsworth

My family moved to St. George when I was five years old. Though I lived  there for less then a year the beauty of the landscape left a lasting impression on me.  Bottles filled with colorful sand art were popular at this time. I  remember considering how I could collect the different colored sands  from the hills to create my own art. It feels like a return to my childhood to create this group of paintings to show amongst  the red rocks of St. George. I found the inspiration for this new body  of work walking through the river bottoms at sunrise throughout  Washington County.  This exhibition is a celebration of the wildness of  the unkempt vegetation conversing with jewel-toned pools.

Downy Doxey-Marshall